African Media Company, Smile Entertainment Limited To Launch “s24stream”, Africas First Augmented Global Media Platform

Smile Entertainment Limited is set to launch S24stream, Africas first global media streaming platform, its a combination of tv and radio to cater for its burgeoning audience as part of the company’s strategy to consolidate and diversify its business.

“Starting this month, Smile Entertainment Limited will systematically embark on the first phase of product diversification and business consolidation by unveiling Africa’s first augmented reality television studio. The studio will host the multi-award-winning Smile Time Africa radio and television simulcast show streaming via the S24Stream mobile app and website to various,” said SEL Managing Director Samuel Darlington.

Smile Entertainment Limited will begin with the launch of S24stream, a 24-hour English and fuse of African lingo.

According to Samuel Darlington, the launch is in line with the company’s desire to continue producing quality broadcast content to Africans.

“We are keen to continue providing unrivalled and quality broadcast content to Africans”, he said.

By launching s24stream, seeks to consolidate its market leadership through diversification of TV and radio content that is responsive to market and consumer needs, in the wake of the recent migration from digital TV to streaming TV and Radio globally.

“Africans will have the opportunity to watch professionally produced, high quality and trendsetting programming” Smile Baba assured.
“Viewers can be assured of being kept abreast with all the latest news that impact on their lives, extensive on-ground reach as well as credible, interactive and opinion shaping talk shows,” he added.

All iPhone and Andriod users can get the s24stream app on the Apple store and Google store. “s24stream: Your smile is our pride.”