Ghana Youths Threaten To Kill All Fake Pastors Predicting Shatta Wale’s Death.

It amazes me to see some Ghanaian pastors always getting a vision from God on how Ghanaians will die, there is no time a pastor came to say God has revealed to him that all youth will be rich today, it always has to do with death.

Ghanaian youths are angry and preparing to evacuate all fake pastors from the country.

Over the week a self-acclaimed pastor posted on his social media platform (Facebook), scripting;
Ghana should pray, I see a national mourning again, the whole nation was in tears and this time is Ghanaian singer “Shatta Wale”, and it is very close death. Thou saith theLord. Prophecy by Prophet-Cosmos Walker Affran.

The dance-hall king, Shatta Wale replied;
Jesus never predicted death, but he gave life , but today pastors will predict death for mankind..I never wanted to go religious but this time I will show the powers I have from God .. #Fakepastors

Shatta added, Ghana pastors you guys are making Christianity look horror in the eyes of men .. why you want to tell me God doesn’t see success ..