Pant-less SA Stage Performer, Zodwa Wabantu, Banned From Performing In Zambia

Zambia has barred Zodwa Wabantu from entering the country to "avoid corrupting public morals". The decision to ban her sparked a heated debate on social media with some Zambians criticising the government.

Zambia government, made this officially announced that South African entertainer Zodwa Wabantu is not welcomed to perform in the country because her pantless stage performance was against public interest.

National Arts Council director Maanka Chipindi has stated that allowing Zondwa to perform in Zambia will be against the country's national values.

In a letter to the promoter of the event, NAC states that Zondwa's invitation to Zambia will if granted will be against public interest.

NAC have also advised to appeal the decision to the Ministry of Tourism if aggrieved with the decision.

The promoter of the event is Sunset Sound Production.