Watsup TV Tightens Concert Pick After D-Black's Act, Dahlin Gage Insults Merqury Quaye, The Host For 66th Hall Week Anniversary

Watsup TV, the organizers of the 66th hall week anniversary, which took place at the University Of Ghana considered a ban on D-Blacks signed rapper, Dahlin Gage for indecent behaviour on stage, using the ‘F’ word on the main host of the show, CEO of Ghana DJ Awards, Merqury Quaye.

The proud organizers of the celebrated hall week anniversary have hardened their line on some Ghanaian musicians, after BAM artist, Dahlin Gage, mortified CEO of Ghana DJ Awards, Merqury Quaye, who was the official host for the 66th Hall Week Celebration, staged by pan African TV, Watsup TV.

The BAM rapper stepped out onstage, spoke clearly a few words, and then proceeded to awkwardly ad-lib his way through;

“What the fuck, what the fuck, bomboclat, u are such useless, you guys got no power” Dhalin, said.