Nigerian Rapper, Falz Shuts Down The Internet With ‘This Is Nigeria’, An Adaptation of Childish Gambino’s ‘This Is America’

Two weeks ago, when American rapper and actor Donald Glover, also known by the musical alter-ego Childish Gambino released the music video for his social-conscious song titled “This Is America”, it was greeted with varied reactions as music enthusiasts and critics debated on the message the artiste was trying to pass with his art.

The video by the American artiste is centred on gun violence, a menace that has continued to plague black communities in America, especially those in the inner cities. The video has since raked over 187 Million views on YouTube.

Falz The Bahd Guy, a Nigerian hip-hop artiste and trained laywer has decided to replicate the idea by making his own version of the song as it relates to his birth country. Although he has a lot of pop singles to his credit, most of the lyrics that make up some of his biggest songs are socially relevant to the audience.

In Falz’ version, ‘This is Nigeria’, the rapper is seen bare-chested, wearing Ankara pants which is a semblance of the costume worn by the American rapper. As Falz begins to rap on the beat, he employs his ability you use his witty yet hilarious lyrical skill to address various subjects as he references current prevailing trends that are currently making the headlines in the country.

The rapper both in lyrics and cinematic expression added issues such as Drug abuse, Internet Fraud, the Chibok and Dapchi Girls kidnapping, Herdsmen Crisis, Politics, Religion, and Police Brutality.

On the lighter note, the rapper referenced the popular shaku shaku dance step which is arguably the most popular dance routine in the country now and also the infamous alleged doctored speech my the Nigerian Inspector General of police.

In all, Falz in one brilliantly executed cinematic expression has been able to highlight all the most relevant conversations and trends going on in Nigeria, the country with the biggest black population in the world