Sudan's New Prime Minister, Sovereign Council Sworn In

Members of Sudan's new ruling body, the Sovereign Council, were officially sworn in on Wednesday, a day after the final signing of a long-anticipated power sharing agreement between the military and the civilian alliance, Forces for Freedom and Change. The body, which is headed by the country's top general, will run the country for three years. A new prime minister has also taken the oath.

The newly sworn in Prime Minister, Abdallah Hamdok, said he would be pragmatic in dealing with east and west, give priority to peace realization, resolving economic crisis and improving the living conditions of the Sudanese people.

"My priority number one is to stop the war and end the suffering of our people in the refugees and internally displaced persons camps" he said in a briefing to the media shortly after his swearing in as Prime minister.

Dr Hamdok arrived in Khartoum evening Wednesday from Ethiopia and was given a huge popular reception at Khartoum airport, mostly the youth from the forces for Freedom and Change.

"It is true that I have been nominated by the Force for Freedom and Change, but having sworn in, I might safely say am now the prime minister for all the Sudanese" he said.

He said a number of "practical programmes" would be put in place to redress the economic challenges Sudan is facing and to help ordinary Sudanese obtain basic services.

We do not have a magic stick, but working together and in consensus we as Sudanese will be able to overcome these challenges" he stressed. He said the media would play a major role in this respect, marketing both difficult and pleasant programmes that he would be implementing in the country.

The IGAD official has also "warmly" welcomed the appointment of H.E. Abdallah Hamdok as Prime Minister of the Transitional Government of Sudan.