DIA Foundation donates clothes to families on the street of Accra

Founded in 2018, DIA Foundation has gone a long way towards easing the difficulties faced by local families with children on the street fighting to get food, place to sleep and clothes to wear. Their mission is to put smiles on the faces of neglected families on the street.

DIA Foundation donated some clothes to some families on the street of Accra, Sunday. 

At DIA Foundation we believe everyone deserves better in life regardless their location or tribe especially children. What these children and their families go through breaks our heart. It’s an honor and a blessing to help put smiles on the faces of these families on the street.

What influenced your desire to give to street children? 

I’v always seen children as Angel's, blameless,innocent, and pure at heart..It breaks my heart to see  them on the streets ,starving, suffering and unhappy. Secondly, It is in my nature to see people happy, especially children. when I see people in pain ,I cry and wish I had the power to change the world to a very peaceful one and since I cannot do that ,I do the little I can to at least make them happy even if it's just for awhile. Founder, Emily, said.