Self-made Ghanaian Millionaire Stanley Kodia Breaks Silence In Relation To NAM 1

Self-made Ghanaian-born millionaire entrepreneur Stanley Kodia popularly Known as KOD, In a recent post clears the air, concerning his mentor and god father, NAM 1, the CEO of MenzGold. He throws more insight on the success story of business mogul Nana Appiah Mensah. 

KOD calls himself the youth president, his motivations and inspiring words makes it easier for youths to connect with him, but that’s not to say he didn’t work to get there. Dig a little deeper, and you’ll find some failure, tons of grit, and more than a few winning plays. If there’s one rule Stanley Kodia seems to live by, it’s that if the rules aren’t favorable to you, write your own.

His post on Facebook ; 

The silence is long overdue and it’s about time I break it. I first saw Nana Appiah Mensah with my naked eyes during the inauguration of Menzgold UK. I was motivated by the fact that a Ghanaian company, owned and operated by a Ghanaian was about to make strikes within the global landscape. I felt proud as a Ghanaian and was overly ready to throw my weight behind the enviable Ghanaian brand, Menzgold. Little did I know that within a couple of weeks, upon seeing him, Nana Appiah Mensah would land himself in Dubai jail after he was framed up. I couldn’t help it than to sacrifice all my time, energy and resources to travel to Al-Barsha Prison to support this young Ghanaian entrepreneur, even if it would cost my life!.

Against all odds, I arrived in Dubai on 30th January, 2019. I had to wait for more than 6hours in an attempt to see Nana Appiah Mensah. The prison officials tossed me hither tither. It was highly frustrating, to say the least. In the end, I was never given the chance to see him. I grew more and more apprehensive after it became apparent to me that being detained in the UAE makes it difficult, if not impossible, to gain back one’s freedom unless the person can prove beyond all reasonable doubts. I had to go on my knees in tears. It was as though the world was crushing on me. I asked myself “ why this sudden end of a rather successful journey of a brilliant young Ghanaian”? 

I became conscious of myself as a soldier. On the battle field, it’s not over until death sets in. I fought relentlessly and against all hitherto opposing forces.  I gave up my normal life to embark on this perilous agenda. Friends saw me to be a fool and distanced themselves. A section of my family ties was broken. I became more or less like a lone soldier but my gut feelings led me to still keep up the hopes. In the end, my toil did not end up in fiasco. NAM was vindicated after a Dubai court ruled in his favour. Victory was sealed at last. 

On this day, I doff my hat in appreciation to what God had done. Greater things are yet to come but  collaborative efforts are needed to make things possible. Nana Appiah Mensah needs the support and cooperation of all stakeholders to put lasting smiles on the faces of Menzgold customers. On this day, I wish to humbly plead for assistance in behalf of Nana Appiah Mensah to enable him recover all funds owed him overseas to settle all pending scores. 

The progress and success of our dear nation,Ghana can be promoted and catapulted through youth empowerment. Let’s support our own. Let’s assist and encourage our youth to catch up the global demand. Yes, we can. 

The young entrepreneur ended with "Better late, they say, than never. We can do this. #Ghanashallprosper πŸ‡¬πŸ‡­πŸ‡¬πŸ‡­πŸ‡¬πŸ‡­πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’«πŸ¦…"