Sarkodie Come out and Declare your Support for NPP - Fans call On Sarkodie replying to Sammy Gyamfi

In the beginning, it was safe to ignore Sarkodie with his political songs which is to caution the government on focusing on the citizens and putting an end to corruption. After all, Sarkodie is a performer, which makes it easy to discount his political talk.

But his recent tweet demand attention, advising the National Communication Officer, Mr Sammy Gyamfi, of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), to take down a controversial tweet. “Electoral Commissioner Jean Mensa “choking a Ghanaian” with the help of President Akufo-Addo, which is similar to the murder of George Floyd.”

Some Ghanaians also didn’t side with the rapper, as they called him to come out and declare his support for the National Patriotic Party.

“Sarkodie issa big hypocrite and this not even hard to decipher. When JM was in office he had the strength and charisma to call him out to fix the national crisis, doing 2 tracks to that effect; a step in the right direction as a patriotic citizen. All of a sudden he lost that zeal when things are in disarray with this current government. but he now has the fingers to type on twitter asking Sammy Gyamfi to take down his tweet. This is the part of him that Shatta Wale beat him with sense even though he see himself to be sensible. It's about time he come out to officially declare his support to the NPP government insteading of "fan fooling" Ghanaians”
-Social Media Commentator 
I remember the “YES or NO” track as well as the “ECONOMY” where he urged Ghanaians not to vote for Mahama ....... This is the 4th year the NPP has been in power and despite cries of hardship and mishandling of Corona cases and to the Voter registration brouhaha, the self acclaimed best rapper has not released a single song to chastise the current government like he did with the previous rule.